TracPipeŽ CounterStrikeŽ FAQs

Can TracPipeŽ CounterStrikeŽ be buried?”

TracPipeŽ CounterStrikeŽ cannot be directly buried in the ground. It must be in a non-metallic watertight conduit. TracPipeŽ CounterStrikeŽ manufacturers an underground system which is pre-sleeved with the required watertight conduit called TracPipeŽ CounterStrikeŽ PS-II (patented). PS-II is specifically designed for underground and underneath building installation.

What is the best way to cut TracPipeŽ CounterStrikeŽ?”

Use a standard tubing cutter. When you are installing the larger diameters it will become necessary to purchase the larger cutting wheel in order to handle the larger sizes.

How do you size TracPipeŽ CounterStrikeŽ?”

TracPipeŽ CounterStrikeŽ is sized with the same method as black iron gas piping. The only difference is the sizing chart that is used. Charts specifically designed for TracPipeŽ CounterStrikeŽ or its designated EHD flow capacities must be used. These charts are found in the back of the TracPipeŽ CounterStrikeŽ Design and Installations Guide. Three pieces of information are required to size a gas piping system. These are distances of piping runs, appliance loads, and supply pressure.

Easy-to-use software TracPipeŽ CounterStrikeŽ Specifier for Windows version 3.5 is available for download in the Technical Information section of this website.

Can TracPipeŽ CounterStrikeŽ fittings be concealed?”

Yes. TracPipeŽ CounterStrikeŽ fittings have been tested and listed by CSA-International for use in concealed locations.