AutoSnap® Couplings

Couplings - Flexible Gas Piping

Representative photo(s) of the parts in this group. For a complete list please see chart on this page or TracPipe Price Sheet.

Part NumberDescriptionSizePkg Qty.Lb.
FGP-SCPLG-375AutoSnap Coupling - 3/8"3/8"24/box0.3
FGP-SCPLG-500AutoSnap Coupling - 1/2"1/2"24/box0.5
FGP-SCPLG-750AutoSnap Coupling - 3/4"3/4"16/box0.7
FGP-SCPLG-1000AutoSnap Coupling - 1"1"16/box0.9
FGP-SCPLG-1250AutoSnap Coupling - 1 1/4"1-1/4"6/box2.0
FGP-SCPLG-1500AutoSnap Coupling - 1 1/2"1-1/2"4/box3.3
FGP-SCPLG-2000AutoSnap Coupling - 2"2"4/box5.5