The System

TracPipe® CounterStrike® is a flexible stainless steel piping system used for natural gas and propane installations. CounterStrike® is currently in use for gas piping systems in single and multi-family residential as well as commercial and industrial buildings. CounterStrike®‘s superior corrugated tubing coupled with AutoSnap® fittings combine to make the best CSST product available. CounterStrike®‘s full range of sizes (3/8″ to 2″) and proven reliability make it the first choice at all residential, commercial, and industrial job sites.

Gas Piping Has a New Look…

The black conductive jacket of CounterStrike® has been shown to be up to 400 times more resistant to the damaging effects of electrical energy than yellow CSST. It also lays straighter and pulls easier than yellow CSST. With no additional manufacturers bonding required, CounterStrike® is more resistant to lightning’s effects than conventional CSST with additional bonding!

Suitable for Almost Any Application

At the hub of the installation is a multiport manifold. From there CounterStrike® can go anywhere – around obstructions, across attics, or between joists and studs. You pull it just like electric wiring. Protect it with striker plates and your options are endless.

Adding a last minute appliance in a CounterStrike® house? No need to rip out that perfect drywall. Grab some AutoSnap® fittings and a tee – you can bend CounterStrike® with your hands and it holds its shape. Add-ons have never been easier.

Doing a renovation and need to maintain architectural integrity? No problem, just connect into existing black iron pipe and feed CounterStrike® up to the new master bedroom fireplace or second floor laundry.

Need to supply gas to an outdoor barbeque or pool heater? TracPipe PS-II is the first choice for underground and under slab installations providing standard or custom lengths, a factory installed watertight sleeve and vent capable containment fittings.

The Flexibility You Need. The Performance You Expect.

CounterStrike® is accepted throughout the US and Canada. It can be run through buildings in the same locations where rigid pipe materials have traditionally been used with a fraction of the threaded joints and in a fraction of the time required for installation. CounterStrike® was designed with inner diameters that are very close to black iron pipe and offer the industries’ highest flow rates, which can often result in using a smaller tube size resulting in significant cost savings.

All TracPipe® CounterStrike® CSST products are listed by CSA under the ANSI LC 1 Standard.