Gas Pipe Protection

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  • Protect the TracPipe system from potential damage
DescriptionPart NumberSizePkg Qty.Weight/LbsUnit
Quarter Striker PlateFGP-SP-0253" X 2"500/box0.1each
Half Striker PlateFGP-SP-0503" X 7"100/box0.4each
Three Quarter Striker PlateFGP-SP-0753" x 7-1/2100/box0.7each
Full StrikerFGP-SP-1003" x 12"50/box0.42each
6 1/2" X 17 Striker PlateFGP-SP-6176-1/2" X 17"1 each1.8each
Floppy-fits 3/8" Cut 1 ftFGP-FPY-375CT3/4"50/box11box
Floppy-fits 1/2" Cut 1 ftFGP-FPY-500CT1"50/box15box
Floppy-fits 3/4" Cut 1 ftFGP-FPY-750CT1-1/4"25/box17.5box
Floppy-fits 1" Cut 1 ftFGP-FPY-1000CT1-1/2"25/box24box
Floppy-fits 3/8"FGP-FPY-375-503/4"50 ft/coil9coil
Floppy-fits 1/2"FGP-FPY-500-501"50 ft/coil13coil
Floppy-fits 3/4"FGP-FPY-750-251-1/4"25 ft/coil15.5coil
Floppy-fits 1"FGP-FPY-1000-251-1/2"25 ft/coil22coil
Floppy-fits 1 1/4"FGP-FPY-1250-252"25 ft/coil28.5coil
Floppy-fits 1 1/2"FGP-FPY-1500-252-1/2"25 ft/coil46coil
Floppy-fits 2"FGP-FPY-2000-253"25 ft/coil51coil
Tape -- Outdoor SiliconeFGP-915-10H-121" X 12 yd12 yd/roll0.3roll
Tape -- Outdoor SiliconeFGP-915-20H12-PO2" X 12 yd12 yd/roll0.6roll
Tape -- BlackFGP-915-10H-12BL1" X 12 yd12 yd/roll0.3roll
Non-Corrosive leak check solutionFGP-LCS1 Quart12/case2.3each