Underground System PS-II

Underground Gas Pipe System PS-II

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  • Pre-sleeved, flexible gas installation systems for underground, under slab, rooftop, or exterior wall applications
  • Tubing = Semi-rigid 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • Sleeve = Fully vent-capable Polyethylene
  • Fittings = AutoFlare with plastic containment coupling and ¼” NPT vent
DescriptionPart NumberSizePkg Qty.Weight/LbsUnit
TracPipe PS-II 3/8" ReelFGP-UGP-375-2503/8"250 ft/reel57.5foot
TracPipe PS-II 1/2" ReelFGP-UGP-500-2501/2"250 ft/reel82.5foot
TracPipe PS-II 1/2" ReelFGP-UGP-500-1001/2"100 ft/reel33foot
TracPipe PS-II 3/4" ReelFGP-UGP-750-2503/4"250 ft/reel107.5foot
TracPipe PS-II 3/4" ReelFGP-UGP-750-1003/4"100 ft/reel43foot
TracPipe PS-II 1" ReelFGP-UGP-100-2501"250 ft/reel142.5foot
TracPipe PS-II 1" ReelFGP-UGP-100-1001"100 ft/reel57foot
TracPipe PS-II 1 1/4" CoilFGP-UGP-125-1501-1/4"150 ft/coil137foot
TracPipe PS-II 1 1/2" CoilFGP-UGP-150-1501-1/2"150 ft/coil150.5foot
TracPipe PS-II 2" CoilFGP-UGP-200-1502"150 ft/coil220foot
TracPipe PS-II 3/8" Male AdapterFGP-UGF-3753/8" NPT Male25/box0.5each
TracPipe PS-II 1/2" Male AdapterFGP-UGF-5001/2" NPT Male20/box0.5each
TracPipe PS-II 3/4" Male AdapterFGP-UGF-7503/4" NPT Male16/box0.7each
TracPipe PS-II 1" Male AdapterFGP-UGF-10001" NPT Male9/box0.9each
TracPipe PS-II 1 1/4" Male AdapterFGP-UGF-12501-1/4" NPT Male9/box1.6each
TracPipe PS-II 1 1/2" Male AdapterFGP-UGF-15001-1/2" NPT Male9/box2.7each
TracPipe PS-II 2" Male AdapterFGP-UGF-20002" NPT Male5/box4.3each
TracPipe PS-II 3/8" CouplingFGP-UGC-3753/8" T/P Cplg25/box0.7each
TracPipe PS-II 1/2" CouplingFGP-UGC-5001/2" T/P Cplg20/box0.7each
TracPipe PS-II 3/4" CouplingFGP-UGC-7503/4" T/P Cplg16/box1.1each
TracPipe PS-II 1" CouplingFGP-UGC-10001" T/P Cplg9/box1.4each
TracPipe PS-II 1 1/4" CouplingFGP-UGC-12501-1/4" T/P Cplg9/box2.5each
TracPipe PS-II 1 1/2" CouplingFGP-UGC-15001-1/2" T/P Cplg8/box4.3each
TracPipe PS-II 2" CouplingFGP-UGC-20002" T/P Cplg5/box6.9each