TracPipe® CounterStrike® FAQs

New AutoSnap Tee Fittings
FGP-677 Rev. 01/17

AutoSnap Tee fittings Fast FAX
FGP-684 Rev. 01/17

TracPipe® CounterStrike® Product Brochure
FGP-745 Rev. 01/17

Product Catalog – Flexible Gas Piping Systems for Commercial, Industrial and Residential.

TracPipe CounterStrike Whitepaper
FGP-611G Rev. 05/2015

The Best Gets Better . . . TracPipe CounterStrike

AutoSnap® Fittings
FGP-735 Rev. 07/14
Where lightning fast connections meet lightning resistant gas piping!

Lightning Safety Recommendations Brochure
FGP-124 Rev. 7/09
Lightning saftey recommendations for gas piping systems using CounterStrike and TracPipe

TracPipe® CounterStrike®: Products and Accessories
FGP-549, Rev. 10/11
A catalog of CSST accessories to complement TracPipe® CounterStrike® tubing and AutoFlare® fittings. OmegaFlex® offers the widest range of CSST accessories to complement our TracPipe® CounterStrike® corrugated stainless steel tubing and AutoFlare® self-flaring fittings.

Commercial Sized Tees
FGP-530, Rev. 10/11

TracPipe® CounterStrike®: Saves Time, Saves Money
FGP-020, Rev. 5/16
TracPipe® CounterStrike® is cost-effective, safe and completely reliable.

TracPipe® CounterStrike® Brochure (6-page)
FGP-622, Rev. 12/14
Information on flexible gas piping from TracPipe® CounterStrike®.

AutoTrip Appliance “AFD Series” Excess Flow Valves
FGP-520, Rev. 03/13
For Flexible Appliance Connector Applications. Excess Flow Valves (EFV) protect against hazardous release of fuel gas due to a seismic event, accident or any other situation that could lead to a catastrophic failure of gas piping system components.

AutoTrip Meter “LFD Series” Excess Flow Valves
FGP-521, Rev. 03/13
Low Cost Protection for Your Home and Family. It is now possible to protect your home from gas line rupture or disconnection by installing AutoTrip Excess Flow Valves at the gas meter and on appliance branch lines. These valves are designed to activate and shut down gas flow to a non-hazardous level (bypass flow) to avoid the possibly dangerous release of gas into the home.

TracPipe® CounterStrike® PS-II Brochure
FGP-099, Rev. 9/12
THE UNDERGROUND SYSTEM Polyethylene-Sleeved Flexible Gas Piping by OmegaFlex

The Facts on CSST Flexible Gas Piping
FGP-598, Rev. 05/15
The Only Gas Piping that Withstands the Forces of Nature: Quakes and Lightining