Product Literature

TracPipe® CounterStrike® Brochure (4-page)
FGP-752, Rev. 08/21
Information on CounterStrike® CSST flexible gas piping from Omega Flex®.

New AutoSnap Tee Fittings
FGP-677 Rev. 01/17

AutoSnap Tee fittings Fast FAX
FGP-684 Rev. 01/17

TracPipe® CounterStrike® Product Brochure
FGP-745 Rev. 02/22

Product Catalog – Flexible Gas Piping Systems for Commercial, Industrial and Residential

TracPipe CounterStrike Whitepaper
FGP-611G Rev. 05/2015

The Best Gets Better . . . TracPipe CounterStrike

AutoSnap® Fittings
FGP-735 Rev. 07/14
Where lightning fast connections meet lightning resistant gas piping!

Lightning Safety Recommendations Brochure
FGP-124 Rev. 7/09
Lightning saftey recommendations for gas piping systems using CounterStrike and TracPipe

TracPipe® CounterStrike®: Products and Accessories
FGP-549, Rev. 10/11
A catalog of CSST accessories to complement TracPipe® CounterStrike® tubing and AutoFlare® fittings.

Commercial Sized Tees
FGP-530, Rev. 10/11

TracPipe® CounterStrike®: Saves Time, Saves Money
FGP-020, Rev. 5/16
TracPipe® CounterStrike® is cost-effective, safe and completely reliable.

AutoTrip Appliance “AFD Series” Excess Flow Valves
FGP-520, Rev. 01/13
For Flexible Appliance Connector Applications

AutoTrip Meter “LFD Series” Excess Flow Valves
FGP-521, Rev. 01/13
Low Cost Protection for Your Home and Family

TracPipe® CounterStrike® PS-II Brochure
FGP-099, Rev. 9/12
THE UNDERGROUND SYSTEM Polyethylene-Sleeved Flexible Gas Piping by OmegaFlex

The Facts on CSST Flexible Gas Piping
FGP-598, Rev. 05/15
The Only Gas Piping that Withstands the Forces of Nature: Quakes and Lighting